September 27 2021 Blog Chicken

The Flexibility Is Possible With the MM Electric Conveyor Oven


Middleby Marshall automated conveyor ovens give the ability to have a wide range of menu items, bake 30% faster, and provide maximum labor savings.

July 1 2021 Blog

Build a Ghost Kitchen with WOW! Ovens

With pizza sales up within the last year, Middleby Marshall shows you how to create a ghost kitchen with WOW! ovens.

Rethink Cooking Blog

The ROI of Automation with the CTX Oven


Discover how the CTX Automated Oven allows top restaurants to cook their entire menu with one oven.

February 12 2021 Blog School WOW! Oven

On-Campus Dining Using WOW! Ovens


Producing food for college students on campus can be quick and easy using the Middleby Marshall WOW! oven. Quicker bake times, ventless options, and a variety of menu items all make the WOW! oven stand out!