Flexibility Is Possible With Middleby Marshall Commercial Electric Conveyor Oven

Menu flexibility and the ability to bake anywhere you can place an oven. That’s the flexibility a Middleby Marshall ventless electric conveyor oven can give foodservice operations. 

Flexibility of Ventless 

The reality of commercial kitchens is that they all can’t have overhead vents. That may be because of regulations on historic buildings, the cost of installation, or because the landlord won’t allow alterations. Ventless technology solves all that. Middleby Marshall ventless conveyor ovens are certified as non-grease emitting appliances with internal systems for destroying grease-laden vapor. Helping keep the air and surface around them clean without the aid of a Type I or Type II hood, saving money. 

Bake and Serve Quicker

Producing more products to sell is the goal of every restaurant. The more food that goes out the door, the more profits are made. With the Middleby Marshall electric conveyor oven, advanced technologyMiddleby Marshall electric conveyor oven allows the air delivery system to bake up to 30% faster than a traditional conveyor oven. The largest ventless conveyor pizza oven available, it can bake up to 74 pizzas per hour. And with an optional split belt, baking different items at the same time just got easier. Having a ventless conveyor oven also allows restaurants to cook and bake wherever there’s space, helping to create new profit opportunities. Stackable up to two high and with efficient heat transfer, a Middleby Marshall commercial conveyor oven helps restaurants with their menu flexibility and can cook various items in a fraction of the time. 

Save on Labor With a Conveyor Oven

Every restaurant wrestles with labor issues. Finding ways to keep customer satisfaction high while managing labor costs can be tricky. A straightforward way to help is using equipment that automates and allows staff to concentrate on other tasks. Middleby Marshall ventless conveyor ovens cook efficiently without consistent monitoring. With a long conveyor belt and cooking chamber, staff can place the food to be cooked on the belt and set it and forget it until it comes out the other end. Which lets employees work on other items that also help increase profits, like customer service. 

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