DZ33T CTX Electric Infrared Conveyor Oven

The CTX delivers perfection time and time again using infrared technology. The automated continuous cooking platform is designed to cook, bake, broil, sear, steam, or sous vide in high-volume kitchens. The versatile CTX could be the only piece of equipment needed in the kitchen. Not only can the CTX eliminate remakes and meal comps, but cooking consistency is matched with faster bake times than any traditional cooking equipment at up to 60% faster for some menu items. Help keep labor cost down with the CTX infrared conveyor, as customers using the oven reported 3,300 kitchen labor hours eliminated per year.

•  18-gauge stainless steel exterior
•  Fully insulated on all sides
•  Top and bottom infrared emitters evenly heat (two on top and two on bottom)
•  “Cool Skin” safety feature keeps the external surface of the oven under 120°F
•  Quiet operation
•  Independently-controlled microprocessor with time/date clock, standby mode, and self-cleaning cycle
•  The operator can preset up to 15 different time and temperature combinations
•  Stackable up to three high
•  For installation under a ventilation hood
•  One-year parts and labor warranty – includes start-up and demonstrations (U.S. only)

Heating Zone26" | 660 mm
Baking Area2.9 ft² | 0.27 m²
Belt Length42.3” | 1074 mm
Overall Length46.3" | 1176 mm
Height39.46" | 1002 mm with 15" legs
Depth29.06" | 738 mm
Bake Operating Time200°F - 900°F | 93°C - 482°C
Time Range1:00 - 60:00