PS3240 Traditional Impingement Conveyor – 40″ Cook Chamber

Middleby Marshall Conveyor ovens bake both faster and at lower temperatures than other ovens. Patented vertical columns of hot air move heat aerodynamically instead of using high temperatures. The streams of hot air remove the boundary layers of cool heavy air which tend to insulate the product resulting in rapid baking without burning. All Middleby Marshall ovens are designed to cook a multitude of products.

•  Impingement PLUS! low oven profile and dual air return
•  40.5” (1029 mm) long cooking chamber
•  33.5” (851 mm) wide, 76.5” (1943 mm) long conveyor belt
•  Advanced technology air delivery system
•  Control compartment is designed for quick and easy access
•  One year parts and labor warranty
•  Removable parts for easy cleaning (crumb pans, end panels, air fingers, and a folding conveyor belt assembly)
•  For installation under a ventilation hood only
•  “Cool skin” safety feature keeps the external surface of the oven under 120°F (49°C)

Optional Features:
•  Split belt – two 15” (381 mm) belts with individually adjustable speed settings
•  Single or split belt hearth belts

Heating Zone40.5” | 1029 mm
Baking Area9 ft² | 0.837 sq m²
Belt Length76.5” | 1943 mm
Overall Length76.5” | 1943 mm
Height47.125” | 1197 mm
Depth60” | 1524 mm
Rear of Conveyor to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Control End to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Non-control Clearance0” | 0 mm
Bake Operating Time300°-600°F | 149°-315°C
Time Range1 1/4 -33 minutes