PS360G Gas WOW! Impingement Conveyor Oven

Made of strong stainless steel, the top, sides, front, and interior of the Middleby Marshall PS360G WOW! conveyor oven last long and resist corrosion. Its exterior remains cool to the touch when the oven is heated, ensuring safe, comfortable operation. This unit features a single compartment with a 55-inch-long baking chamber.

Heating Zone55” | 1397 mm
Baking Area12.2 ft² | 1.1 m²
Belt Length90.78” | 2306 mm
Overall Length92” | 2337 mm
Height47.56” | 1208 mm
Depth57.27” | 1454.6 mm
Rear of Conveyor to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Control End to Wall Clearance2” | 50.8 mm
Non-control Clearance2” | 50.8 mm
Bake Operating Time325°F-600°F | 163°C-316°C
Time Range1-20 minutes