PS638 Gas or Electric WOW! Impingement Conveyor Oven

The Middleby Marshalls conveyor oven utilizes technology that allows the user full control of the airflow in the baking chamber, resulting in optimal results in cooking product. Air flow is modified through the main control, allowing instant results and full control of air movement, time, and temperature settings. The exterior of the oven is cool to the touch, safely giving users cooler working conditions in the immediate area. These ovens are designed to cook an endless amount of food products including pizza, chicken, seafood, sandwiches and more.

• Impingement PLUS! low oven profile and dual air return
• Reduces energy consumption and increases cooking efficiency
• 38” (965 mm) long baking chamber
• 26” (660 mm) wide, 65.25”(1657 mm) long conveyor belt
• Removable parts for easy cleaning (crumb pans, end panels, air fingers, and a folding conveyor belt assembly)
• Control compartment is designed for quick and easy access
• Advanced technology air delivery system bakes up to 30% faster than standard conveyor ovens
• For installation under a ventilation hood only
Optional Features:
• Split belt – two 12” (305mm) belts with individually adjustable speed settings
Heating Zone38” | 965 mm
Baking Area6.8 sq ft² | 0.63 sq m
Belt Length65.25” | 1657 mm
Overall Length65.25” | 1657 mm
Height41.9” | 1064 mm
Depth49.23” | 1250 mm
Rear of Conveyor to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Control End to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Non-control Clearance0” | 0 mm
Bake Operating Time325°F-600°F | 163°C-315°C
Time Range30 seconds - 13 minutes