PS638E-V Electric Ventless Conveyor Oven

The Middleby Marshall Ventless oven has internal systems for destroying grease laden vapor prior to the grease escaping the oven; therefore, the ovens are certified as non-grease emitting appliances. The PS638E-V has been approved by Intertek for Ventless operation (UL © KNLZ listing) and can be installed without the aid of a Type I or Type II hood.

EPA 202 Test (8hr):
• Product: 439 Pepperoni pizzas
• Results: 3.10 mg/m³
• Ventless Requirements: <5mg/m³

• Impingement PLUS! low oven profile and dual air return
• Patented Energy Management System (EMS)
• Advanced technology air delivery system bakes up to 30% faster than traditional conveyor ovens
• 38” (965 mm) long cooking chamber
• 26” (660 mm) wide, 65.25” (1657 mm) long conveyor
• Conveyor speed range 30 seconds -13 minutes
• “Cool Skin” safety feature keeps the external surface of the oven under 120°F (49°C)
• Removable parts for easy cleanability (drip trays, crumb trays, end panels, air fingers, and conveyor belt)
• Stackable up to two high
Optional Features
• Split belt – two 12” (381 mm) belts with individually adjustable speed settings
Heating Zone38” | 965 mm
Baking Area6.8 sq ft² | 0.63 sq m
Belt Length65.25” | 1657 mm
Overall Length65.25” | 1657 mm
Height41.9” | 1064 mm
Depth49.23” | 1250 mm
Rear of Conveyor to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Control End to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Non-control Clearance0” | 0 mm
Bake Operating Time325°F-600°F | 163°C-315°C
Time Range30 seconds - 13 minutes