PS640 Electric or Gas WOW! Impingement Conveyor Oven

The 76.5long belt in the Middleby Marshall PS640 gas impingement oven moves through a 40.5″ baking chamber. As food moves through the unit, it is heated by conduction heat and impingement. This combination speeds up cooking compared to standard conveyor oven baking. It can reach a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit and has a bake timer with a range of 2 minutes to 30 minutes.

Heating Zone40.5” | 1029 mm
Baking Area9 ft² | 0.837 sq m²
Belt Length76.5” | 1943 mm
Overall Length76.5” | 1943 mm
Height47.125” | 1197 mm
Rear of Conveyor to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Control End to Wall Clearance0” | 0 mm
Non-control Clearance0” | 0 mm
Bake Operating Time300°-600°F | 149°-315°C
Time Range1 1/4 -33 minutes