The Middleby Marshall conveyor ovens we use have always provided us a consistent, quality bake. We appreciate the support and partnership with Middleby Marshall. 

John Jetts / President and CEO Jet's Pizza

After using pizza decks for over 50 years these improved cooking time from 20 minutes to 8 minutes. We can cook our Buffalo Wings & Boneless Wings in 6 minutes! Thank you! We love our conveyor ovens, we could not be happier!

La Nova Wings

During our peak hours, our teams produce 240 pizzas per hour in our stores. It is for this reason that our 50 restaurants across Quebec and New Brunswick are equipped with pizza ovens in which we have great confidence, the new Middleby Marshall X70s. 

Frederic Abbatiello / Owner Pizza Salvatore

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom have been cooking in Middleby Marshall Pizza Ovens for over 40 years. Middleby has been a fantastic partner over the years, and we appreciate that they are developing technologies that improve upon a traditional style pizza oven in a progressive approach. Looking forward to our next journey in using a Middleby X-Series Oven!

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom

Thank you for getting me the CTX. It cooks my lobster, fish, and crab cakes perfectly every time!

Albert / The Crab Bag

Our investment converting to Middleby Marshall didn’t stop at the purchase of the equipment. The human face-to-face support after the fact has been invaluable and so helpful utilizing all of the capabilities of their great product. Meeting all the knowledgeable people at Middleby Marshall and to see how the products were manufactured was so impressive!! Empire Pizza is so excited to start franchising our concept while partnering with Middleby Marshall. Thank you Troy, Max, and Chef Andrew we had a great time.

Steven Delongos / Empire Pizza